Welcome to our Matezon
Everyone is aware of the saying " Health is Wealth " which is the basic notion at which we work upon and are highly focused with the concept of online appointments for your ailments and other health issues. There are many other platforms that do exist with almost same facilities but, "ease of customer, hustle free bookings, integrity of personal information and the best of all services with due attention to caring needs" is what makes us different from others.
We care about your Health

Since, we are witnessing a technically advanced era of our existence, so, we can say that we are dependent upto some extent on technical gadgets, services and reliable modes for our ease. Our customer's health is our topmost priority and to withstand the expectations of yours, we try our best for serving you the best.

Some of our key considerations are:

  • Fitness and health prospects of the customer.
  • Ease of diagnosis and relevant tests.
  • Not just diagnosis of the disease but the root cause itself.
  • Easy process for booking appointments.
  • Enlisted practitioners and doctors for you to choose from.
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Our Departments
We deal with all types of nervous system disfunctionings with a team of our best and certified doctors, providing a good treatment to our customers.
This is one of a kind that goes unnoticed by many people but we take care of every possible dental care with most suitable and trusted treatments.
Eye Care
We deal with all types of vision impairments and provide the alternatives and treatments that fits your budget and satisfaction level as well.
Baby Care
We come up with very important cell of baby care for taking care of tender ones under a specialized and experienced pediatricians.
What do we do best
Unlike others, we focus more on the root causes of the illness rather just dealing with the surface disorders. In addition , we also aim at the best treatment and in an effective and reliable way.
Medical Records
We manage a track of the patients we treat and also of the appointments dealt with us. Before giving any kind of treatment to you, we make sure to get the possible details of your health and the medical condition of yours so as to provide you a good and beneficial healthcare services.
We are in direct contact with the Doctors and pediatricians over a large scaling of healthcare facilities and treatments. Also there is assurance of a good and proper healing of your ailments and worries with experts and practitioners in the field.
Health @ Home
With Matezon, health services and dealing ailments the better way is no more far for us. We serve our members services online as well as at the ease of their door. Moreover, we provide home treatment as and when required in case of any urgency if ever it shall be required.
Nursing Services
To cure, to take the best care and to provide you a good service has been our most considerate aim. We come up with nursing services and better and well qualified specialists and the nursing staff for the same.
Hospital & Clinic
Through location settings and access to your location, we do our best to provide you with the most preferable and convenient hospitals and clinics nearby the area.
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ISO 270001 Certified
HIPPA Certified Data Center
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Best Surgeons
We are connected across a large network with Doctors and, specialists, surgeons and practitioners that are very well qualified in the profession and had been a trusted sign for most of our members. For surgeries and other severe complications, we are highly coordinated with the experts to give our patients the best service and options to get a treatment from at their affordable budget both in terms of preferences and time.
Best Technologies
Incorporating the lab test, health checkups, modern time saving technologies and a good and dedicated team of ours, we serve you a good treatment. Blood tests and other health checkups are just made easy. Moreover, we use the most reliable and efficient technology for you.