Normally, the term Doctor automatically presents an image of a person (he/she) wearing white lab coat, along with a stethoscope with a smile the face.

Matezon exactly works on the same concept as you are now familiar with. Smile is our key principle on which we are highly determined and consistently working to meet the requirements and most of the needs of our members. We cover a wide range of the Doctors as our coordinated network. Along with healthcare facilities, we also provide best class of practitioners and specialists for a better and reliable remedy and recovery.

The following list covers most of the types of doctors that we are in direct contact with for our members to get the best services and good treatment.


Matezon provide you specialized and expert for the anesthetic health disorders that are also one of the ailments that we deal with and provide services and appointments bookings for.


We also deal a great number of skin diseases and allergies and other kind of allergies like hay, asthma, fever and respiration related disorders for our members.


Relating the various kinds of heart problems, Matezon has always been a trusted name in terms of treatment and services. Also, there are Cardiologists in our network and we are well connected for you to avail the best healthcare for heart problems.


We deal with a wide variety of dental issues like plaque, bleeding gums, cavities etc. with a good treatment and with best medicinal practices for you to get a proper healing and relief.


We have experts and known Dermatologists for dealing the skin related problems and infections in a better way.


Along with dealing and diagnosing your other problems, we also treat issues related to endocrine system, hormonal deficiency, imbalance etc. with our specialists for the same.


For females, we come up with best gynecologists dealing issues related to reproductive system and infertility or as such problems with our medicines and treatment.


For a healthy and fit youth, Immune System plays a pivotal role, and hence we too care for it and provide you with experts and well qualified Immunologists for dealing your problems in a better and the most efficient way.

Infectious Disease Specialist

They are the specialists that deal with virus and other bacterial infections or irregularities that cause various disorders and disfunctioning of the tissues.


Matezon has a very good network with the doctors and specialists skilled in the field of Neurology, working with brain and nervous system disorders.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Basically, deal with skeletal system, fracture bones, arthritis etc. mainly for older age groups patients and rest too. We incorporate practices and doctors to provide you the best care and treatment.


For dealing all age groups, we are here with a very well connected network with Pediatrician to give you the best treatment and health services.


We provide you physiological and X- rays based treatment and cure through our experts as well as various well qualified doctors and Radiologists in the field.

We are spread across a huge network with a number of doctors for diagnosing multiple health problems of all age groups through our website. Matezon assures the best and the most effective treatment and service in a simple and easy way.